The Woodbridge Society was started in the fall of 1994 by five international undergraduates with the aim of creating an environment of support and shared understanding amongst the international community at Harvard College. The Society is named after Benjamin Woodbridge, Class of 1642, from England, the first international student at Harvard College.


In addition to representing the interests of the international student population on campus, the Woodbridge Society organizes a number of projects and events aimed at providing a social and intellectual forum for individuals from all over the world to exchange ideas and foster a spirit of internationalism and multiculturalism. Among these are:

  • Freshman International Program (FIP)
  • International Student Forum (ISF)
  • The Mentor-Mentee Program
  • International barazas (culturally themed parties)
  • WIAC faculty dinner series
  • Fiesta Mondiale, our annual spring extravaganza with international food, performances and music.

The Society works closely with the administration, including the Harvard International Office, the Freshman Dean’s Office, the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid, the Advising Programs Office, the Marshal’s Office, the Provost’s Office, the Registrar’s Office, and the Office of the Dean.